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Being a real estate investor is tough enough without adding in the stress of getting your deals through the closing and escrow process! 
Have you ever had to deal with problem properties and not been sure how to get them closed so you can get paid?
Seller Locating
Buyers and sellers who are out of town, or even worse! Out of the country
Title Searches
The title company compeletes the title search and there are missing heirs that need to sign off on the sale
Family Negotiation
Family members who are uncooperative and won't even talk to each other
Deceased Sellers
Dead people... so many dead people when buying distressed properties
Let Our Team Do It For You! 
Best of all.. if you decide to work with us, we will show you how to cut the traditional cost of a Transaction Coordinator in HALF (and even to zero if you follow a couple of the ninja hacks we can teach you!)

So whoever was doing this process in your company (let's be honest, it was most likely you) can now put that effort into doing what they are really great at! Buying & Selling Houses! Let us do the administrative work that takes up so much time and just seems to suck the energy out of your day.
What you get when we partner with you...
   A dedicated closer to handle each of your property files - This way you, the buyer and the seller are dealing with the same person throughout each transaction. 
  All of the contracts you need to close a deal. Everything from the buying and selling contract as well as assignments and addendums if needed.
  Video tutorials on how to fill out the contracts properly to avoid set back before closing and the need for addendums.
  We will stay in contact with your buyer and your seller and keep them informed of what is going on and what is needed to get the deal closed.
  We will also gather any paperwork that might be required.
  Peace of mind... knowing that you are going to get paid!
Once you get that contract signed, hand it off to our team and we will get it over the finish line quickly and efficiently so you can get paid FAST!
Why pay $40,000 to have an in house coordinator when you can add us to your team for a fraction of the cost?  This small investment will allow us to get you set up with our system and send you the tutorials to get you started. This will also give you access to see where your deals are in the pipeline to closing 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

We can even show you you how to MAKE MONEY when sending your deals to us.  If you do 5 deals per month you can make $1,725 after paying the monthly subscription!  [NO BRAINER]
So, what is the next step?
Reach out to Heather Anderson for a consultation and let's see if we would be a good fit!
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