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Transaction Coordination Done For You!
Why pay $40,000 - $60,000 a year and have to manage the process when you can get it done by our trained experts for a fraction of the cost? (or even free - make sure you ask for details on this ninja trick) 

So whoever was doing this process in your company (and lets be honest, it is most likely you) now that effort can be put into doing what you are really great at, buying and selling deals! 

Let us do the administrative work that takes up so much time and just seems to suck the energy out of your day.
What we offer:
  We will handle your transaction with the title company from start to finish for one low monthly fee.  
  This includes contacting the seller once you have a signed contract to start collecting all documents needed to close including the seller document, any ownership records, death certificates, obituaries, etc. 
  Video tutorials on how to fill out the contracts properly to avoid set back before closing and the need for addendums.
   Once you have the selling contract, we will contact the buyer and gather any LLC docs, operating agreements and lender info and forward that to the title company. 
  Follow up and reach back out to the seller, buyer and client (you) to communicate where the file is at in the closing process weekly. 
  You as the client will have a portal where you can log in and spot check what stage your file is in, eliminating the need to have to call and check on your deals and worry about that the status is. 
   You will have a fully trained transaction coordinator for each file. 
   Once the file is clear to close, all parties will be notified and we will coordinate the closing for you!
   You receive your funds wired to your account.  
   Access to a PRIVATE Facebook group where we will be sharing cutting edge wholesaling techniques that are working today!  
   Private individual onboarding session where we will learn about your business and teach you how to operate your customized portal that we have created just for you.
   Discounts on software that is crucial to your business.
   We can also record a NOI (Notice of Interest) or Memorandum of Contract for a nominal additional charge.
   Weekly email updates of where you are at with all of your closings.
Let Our Team Do It For You! 
Best of all.. When you decide to work with us there will be no more wasted afternoons calling and emailing title companies to find out when your closing is going to happen.  Let our team jump in and leverage our experience and massive volume to get you to the closing table FA$T!
So, what is the next step?
Reach out to Heather Anderson for a consultation and let's see if we would be a good fit!
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